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There are many institutions and Trusts who are doing their bit to help those affected by Covid. WAPIZ is one of the organisations came up with a Project which will help save lives of our community members.


In these critical times when our miniscule community is battling this deadly virus and everyday we hear tragic news of someone's loved one passing away due to either lack of timely treatment or lack of availability of beds or worst lack of Oxygen, WAPIZ felt something concrete needed to be done. We decided to provide atleast one Oxygen concentrator to each of our Baugs / Colonies in Mumbai to give some relief to patients to breathe easy. 


Presently, as most may be aware, Oxygen Concentrators are in acute short supply. At some places the concentrators are being given for Rs. 10000 a day on rental basis and to buy a concentrator worth Rs. 60000 to Rs. 80000 is near impossible for a middle class family. Also many of the Concentrators available in the market are of questionable quality. It was imperative that WAPIZ procure the best concentrator to give to the various Baugs.


A lot of research was done for days, various vendors were contacted, not only from India but also China. Reliability of the concentrators were checked by consulting a few doctors. After all this WAPIZ ordered OXY-MED Oxygen concentrator, a 5LPM which gives 90 +3 oxygen output and weighs 16.5 kgs. This is a medical grade concentrator, parts of which are made in Germany and Italy.  It is assembled in China and imported to India. This is the only concentrator which comes with a 3 year warranty. Because of its unique specifications, it was very difficult to procure these machines. Thanks to Karyesh and Sherry Patel who put in days of efforts on research to getting them to Mumbai, to bringing Donations and to finally delivering it to 16 colonies all over Mumbai. 


WAPIZ has sent one Oxygen Concentrator to each of the below mentioned baugs/ colonies through their respective organisations. 


  • Cusrow Baug

  • Khareghat Colony

  • Godrej Baug

  • Rustom Baug

  • Jer Baug

  • Nowroz Baug

  • Gamadia Colony

  • Zoroastrian Colony

  • C J Colony

  • Captain Colony

  • Contractor Baug

  • Khan Estate

  • Dadar Parsi Colony

  • Bharucha Baug

  • Panthaki Baug

  • Nirlon Colony, Goregaon

  • Salsette

  • Dhunbaiwadi

  • A H. Wadia Baug

  • Malcolm Baug

  • Bandra Tata Blocks


WAPIZ has also kept 2 Oxygen concentrators at our office for those staying outside our Baugs and Colonies to be able to avail this facility in case of an emergency.


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