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About Us

The principal aim of WAPIZ is to unite, preserve and promote traditional Zarthoshti beliefs and practices fused to a Parsi Irani identity anchored in learning and scholarship.


WAPIZ – Principal Objectives

  • To strengthen traditions and ensure that for generations to come our Parsi Irani Zarthoshti identity will continue to survive

  • To preserve and uphold our Parsi Irani Zarthoshti heritage, by safeguarding our fire temples, dakhmas and other religious institutions

  • To undertake socio-religious, economic and cultural projects, which will foster a commitment to the practice of the religion, as well as promote community welfare.

  • To foster learning which will help the community to live and propagate a Parsi Irani way of life



What WAPIZ Can Do For You?


  • WAPIZ will be a forum through which you can voice your concerns and actively work towards preserving our Parsi Irani-panu

  • WAPIZ will have developmental programmes and workshops to improve community well being

  • WAPIZ will seek to uplift poverty and initiate social programmes for community welfare

  • WAPIZ will present the Parsi Irani Zarthoshti point of view at world fora and will give greater visibility to the Parsi Irani Zarthoshti community at a global level

  • WAPIZ will create a knowledge and information base through our website and provide online information to the community and others

  • WAPIZ will identify and tackle some of the problems by our community members

  • Join WAPIZ to strengthen the Voice of Tradition and protect and preserve our unique Religious Identity

Founding Members of WAPIZ

Areez P. Khambatta: Industrialist; President, Ahmedabad Parsi Punchayet

Khojeste P. Mistree: Managing Trustee, Zoroastrian Studie

Homi P. Ranina: Corporate Lawyer; Former Trustee, Bombay Parsi Punchaye

Dr. Mehroo D. Bengalee: Former Vice Chancellor, Bombay Univresity; Former Trustee, Bombay Parsi Punchayet

Hoshang N. Wania: Chartered Accountant; Managing Trustee, Banaji Atashbehram

Jamshed J. Mohta: Agriculturist; Social Worker

Yazdi H. Desai: Director, Writer Corporation; Trustee, Kripa Foundation

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