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The Navjote of Aspandiar and Auriya Nowroze Attaie took place on Zamyad Roj, Sunday 10th January, 2021 at Cama Baug, small otla.

WAPIZ had received a donation from Mrs. Soonu Hoshang Buhariwalla in December to sponsor the Navjote ceremony of 2 Parsi children. WAPIZ had put out a whatsapp message asking for applications for any deserving Parsi family to avail of this opportunity. We received a couple of applications. One was through a social worker for 2 brothers who were 13 years and 17 years old whose Navjote has not been performed due to unfortunate family circumstances. They stay at Nallasopara with their mother Naheed. In fact the elder son was working at a restaurant washing dishes. First WAPIZ asked for their birth certificates to ensure that both parents are Parsi/ Irani Zarthosthtis. The Iranian Anjuman has also certified them as Irani Zoroastrians. Then we asked Dasturji Kotwal Saheb for his opinion as to whether such a Navjote can and should be performed as the age of the 2 brothers was beyond the traditionally accepted navjote age. Dasturji opined that “it is an exceptional situation…through no fault of the two young boys” and therefore WAPIZ should in fact initiate these 2 brothers into the Zathoshti faith. WAPIZ Team met the boys with their mother Naheed a two weeks ago. The day was spent with the family to do their navjote shopping. They had learnt the Navjote prayers but were not perfect. They were strictly told to practice till they were perfect.

WAPIZ Navjote 6_edited.jpg
WAPIZ Navjote 6_edited.jpg

The Navjote of Aspandiar and Auriya Nowroze Attaie took place on Zamyad Roj, Sunday 10th January at Cama Baug, small otla. It was a joy to see the brothers pray so well. The donor, Mrs Soonu Hoshang Buhariwalla attended with her nephew and family. Keeping in mind the Covid restrictions, about 25 wellwishers were present to witness this joyous initiation and bless the brothers. WAPIZ Trustees Khojeste Mistree and Meher Panthaki, WAPIZ CEO Anahita Desai, former BPP Trustee and social worker Arnavaz Mistry, BPP Trustee Kersi Randeria, Chairperson of Zoroastrian Bank Ms. Homai Daruwalla and her sister Ketayun, Doongerwadi Manager Vistaspar Mehta and his wife Dilnavaz, social worker Spenta Umrigar were some of those who attended. The pictures speak for themselves. The brothers and their mother were beaming with happiness and pride.

The project would not have been possible without Karyesh and Sherry Patel who are an integral part of our WAPIZ Team. Gratitude to Sarosh Daruwalla (Mazda Audio) for capturing this event for posterity without charging a single rupee.

WAPIZ is also going to look after Aspandiar and Auriya’s education and future wellbeing as the family is disadvantaged and is deserving of help, support and guidance.   

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