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WAPIZ started the Adult Diaper Project when many senior citizens of our community approached us to provide them with Adult diapers. Adult diapers are expensive and it is a recurring expense for our senior citizens, many of who can ill afford them. It is an expense which very few community  trusts cover. The senior citizens of our community have to bear this huge recurring expense of buying diapers from their meager savings.


WAPIZ CEO Anahita Desai decided to help these senior citizens of our community by starting an Adult Diaper Project. “WAPIZ -Adult Diaper Project Serving our Seniors” was announced to the Community through Parsi Times on 26th June, 2021. After reading, about this project many community members came forward to donate for this project. Simultaneously, applications started pouring in from families of senior citizens and many senior citizens themselves who were burdened with this big expense month after month.


After reading the advertisement in Parsi Times, Mr. Nasha Jassawalla approached WAPIZ CEO Mrs. Anahita Desai and recognizing the genuine need for diapers for our community’s senior citizens, donated to WAPIZ 180 packets of Adult Diapers in various sizes, absolutely free of cost.


Following up on the applications received, WAPIZ started distributing Diaper packets from the last week of July 2021. There were many applicants who needed specific diapers, which were not readily available with us. The cost of purchasing diapers to meet the growing applications was prohibitive. Anahita Desai approached and co-ordinated with Gilan Farzandi of Pharmacross who very kindly agreed to supply the diapers to WAPIZ at concessional rates.


The senior citizens who reside at Dossibai Home for Aged (Masina Hospital complex), a few inmates of Parakh Dharamshala, a senior citizen residing in Gamadia Clinic, senior citizens residing in our Parsi Baugs and colonies, and also those staying outside our baugs in cosmopolitan buildings, are all being supplied with diapers every month. WAPIZ even couriers diaper packets to those who are unable to come and collect the packets personally from the WAPIZ office.


This project is an ongoing project and any donation towards this project will go a long way in helping our senior citizens, who need our help and support.


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