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In memory of Mr. Areez Khambatta, Founder Chairman of WAPIZ

Dear Persis, Piruz, Binaisha, Ruzan, Delna and family,


Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing away of dear Areez.

In the annals of Parsi history his timely intervention on behalf of the orthodox, by helping to create WAPIZ,  was a significant watermark in the community's history. As Chairman of WAPIZ,  he led like a general would, from the front.  And his ceaseless safeguarding of orthodoxy by his daunting personality, his constant letters to uphold the truth, and his fearless opposition, gave people like us, who believed in the tradition,  a safety net and the courage to take the movement forward from the early 2003 onwards.

When in 2008, both Khojeste and Yazdi H. Desai became trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet we knew then, as we acknowledge even today, that it could not have been possible without his valiant and unceasing help both financially and politically that gave strength and courage to face rabid reform that was fast taking over the community at the time.

Hs orthodox position was  deeply embedded in him and he always spoke of his Grandfather who was an orthodox priest, but nevertheless when he became vocal and articulated his orthodox position on behalf of WAPIZ, he lost  many friends but this did not deter him. For him the cause was supreme and criticism made him stronger and gave him the will to continue supporting his faith.

Without his complete and absolute financial support for WAPIZ as an orthodox platform under his leadership, that upheld the  traditions and practices of the faith there would not have been a strong WAPIZ as it is today. We are totally beholden to him for the resuscitation of orthodoxy  and giving it a voice.


We had many hours of discussions with him about the community  and learnt from his many insights and his fearless straight to the heart approach about life.

Areez was a true leader who could galvanize the community. His speeches at the famous WAPIZ annual functions which he supported and the legal cases he financed and fought for to safeguard the Parsi Kom,  left the community feeling strong and vibrant and forced many to grudgingly respect the orthodox position.

Please accept our deepest condolence for his passing away  and May Ahura Mazda and the Buzorgan's of our faith bless his soul with eternal peace.

As the Denkard says: Those who are faithful to the religion are faithful in this world and in the spiritual world.

In sympathy

WAPIZ family

WAPIZ aims to strengthen the Voice of Tradition and protect and preserve the Unique Parsi Irani Zarthoshti identity!


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